Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences for you to check.

1) Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 and reigned constitutionally until she died in 1901. She never overruled (synonym?) Parliament and was beloved (synonym?) by the middle class, who shared her moral and religious views.
2) During her reign the Liberals and the Conservatives alternated in (?) Government
3)The Liberals campaigned for liberal trade and obtained the repeal of the corn laws, which had imposed high protective tariffs on corn thus restricting its importation.
4) Chartism, a working-class movement, drew up the People’s Charter, a document in six points, which asked for social reforms and the extension of the right to vote.
5) During Queen Victoria’s reign the middle class increased its power and industry and trade developed. Hers was a period of imperial expansion, unprecedented material progress and social reforms.
6) Workers began to gather together in Trade Unions. Though the Government strongly opposed them, they were legalized in 1882 and in 1906 the Labour Party was born.
7) As a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, more and more people moved to towns, which became overcrowded.
8) The poor lived in segregated and appalling quarters called slums, characterised by a high death rate, squalor and crime. In particular, they were affected by cholera and TB.

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asked by Franco
  1. When it comes to synonyms/antonyms, etc. here's one of my dictionaries that I think you will like:


    The sentences look good. Just le me know where you can't find a synonym.


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