Hellow I have questiones in physics,
it's google translate so my be it's not so easy. But thanks for the help

A weight with mass (m2) = 28 kg hanging from a rope.
The rope runs over a frictionless pulley and attached to a box of mass m1 = 52 kg.

The box is on a inclined plane with endpoints in A. Oblique either by angle v = 180 in relation to the horizontal.

The friction coefficient between the box m1 inclined plane is ì = 0.2.

The length of the inclined plane from A to snaffle is great and always so large that the assumptions in the problem can be solved. The rope has always large enough length to keep the distance between the cage and pulley.

Assume that the rope is very smooth and slippery, and that both it and the pulley can be considered weightless (mass resolving) in this task.
Look away from time to tensioning of the rope,
assume that there is tight

b) After a time t = 3s blow (cut) the rope.

What is the speed of the system then?
How far have the box and the weight shifted when this happens?

c) Will the box stop now as a result of the rope is cut? (Explain and show)
If so, for how long after the rope broke, and how
far, the fund total moved on before it stops?

d) Assume that there is sufficient free height of fall of the weight that it can fall freely throughout the time it takes to fund a halt.
How far has the lot fell in total - including the time it was tied to checkout

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