HELP Not great in these
Express y=2x^2 -12x +23 in the form
y=2(x-c)^2 + d

The graph of y=x^2 is transformed into the graph of y=2x^2 - 12x +23 by the transformation

a vertical stretch with scale factor k followed by,
A horizontal translation of p units followed by,
a vertical translation of q units

what are the values of k, p , and q


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asked by Morie
  1. 2x^2 -12x +23=2*(x^2-6x+23/2)

    (x-a)^2= x^2-2ax+a^2

    (x-3)^2= x^2-2*3*x+3^2= x^2-6x+3^2

    =2*(x^2-2*3*x +3^2+ 23/2 -3^2)
    =2*(x-3)^2 +5



    2x^2 -12x +23 = 2*(x-3)^2 +5

    a vertical stretch =2

    a y-intercept is a point where the graph of a function intersects with the y-axis


    vertical translation = 23

    Quadratic function have extreme point
    for x=-(b/2a)
    In this case a=2 b=-12

    2x^2 -12x +23 = 2*(x-3)^2 +5




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    posted by Bosnian

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