5th grade math

3/7 cup plus 1/4 cup equals how much of a cup of mixture.

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asked by Darb
  1. 3/7 + 1/4

    When adding and subtracting fractions, we need a common denominator.

    3/7 = 12/28
    1/4 = 7/28

    12/28 + 7/28 = 19/28

    That's an awkward fraction. I've never seen a recipe that called for 3/7 cup.

  2. what is 567x999

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  3. Brenda mixed together 7/8 cup of cranberry juice and 1/3 cup of ginger ale. How much punch did Brenda make?

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  4. F (use the formula)with

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    posted by carlton
  5. 10

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