1. Which of the following inequality signs would make a true statement if it replaced the question mark in the following
equation? 3− 5?− 3
A. < C. ≤
B. > D. =

2. Solve the inequality −4y + 6<−14.
A. y > 2 C. y ≤ 5
B. y < 5 D. y > 5

4. At a baseball game, the ratio of Barons fans to Blue Sox fans is 8 : 3. If you know that at least 22,000 people are attending
the game, at least how many Blue Sox fans are there?
A. 1,000 C. 6,000
B. 2,000 D. 16,000

7. In how many ways can you fill three different positions by choosing from 15 different people?
A. 3⋅ 2⋅1 C. 15⋅14⋅13
B. 15⋅ 3 D. 15⋅14⋅12⋅ 3
8. How many different permutations can you make with the letters in the word s e v e n t e e n ?
A. 3,780 C. 15,120
B. 7,560 D. 17!

9. A teacher has a set of 12 problems to use on a math exam. The teacher makes different versions of the exam by putting
10 questions on each exam. How many different exams can the teacher make?
C. 132
B. 66 D. 12!
10. Car thieves steal one automobile out of 400 of a certain type every year in a certain city.What annual net premium
should an owner pay for theft insurance in the amount of $16,000 on the certain type of car?
A. $4 C. $40
B. $16 D. $400
11. Solve −8x ≤ 2.
A. x ≤−.25 C. x ≥−.30
B. x ≥−.25 D. x ≤.25
12. Suppose you draw a card from a well-shuffled pack of playing cards. What is the probability the card you draw will be
an ace?
13. If 100C2 has a value of 4,950, what is the value of 100C98?
A. 4,950 C. 49,500
B. 9,900 D. 99,000
14. How many arrangements of the letters in the word o l i v e can you make if each arrangement must use three letters?
A. 20 C. 5⋅ 4⋅ 3⋅ 2⋅1
B. 60 D. 8⋅ 7⋅ 6⋅ 5⋅ 4⋅ 3⋅ 2⋅1

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