A public opinion poll found that 5 out of 8 people in a community wanted a exercise course. if there are 10,000 people in a community, how many do NOT want a exercise course?

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asked by Sara
  1. 3750 people do NOT want it

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  2. This would be a proportion.
    If 5 out of 8 WANT the program, then 3 out of 8 don’t

    So 3 is to 8 as what is to 10,000?

    3/8= x/10000

    Multiply both sides by 10000
    10000 • 3/8= x/10000 •10000
    30000/8= x
    3750 = x

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    posted by Carole
  3. This inetudocrs a pleasingly rational point of view.

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