Quiz has 6 questions. Each question has five possible answers,
only one of each 5 answers is correct.
If student randomly guesses on all six questions,
what is the probability to answer 2 questions right?

Tip: first, you have to define parameters of Binomial distribution:
n - how many trials/questions do you have
p - probability guessing right answer to each question
x - how many successes do you expect.
Then use Appendix Table or Excel function for Binomial distribution.

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  1. Assuming the 6 questions are independent,
    n=6 (questions)
    p=probability of guessing the right answer (1/5)
    x=exactly the number of successes over the 6 questions (2).

    Look up the appendix table, or the Excel function to calculate the probability.

    Alternatively, use the formula:
    P(x) = C(n,x)*px*(1-p)n-x
    Where C(n,x) represents the number of combinations of taking n things, x at a time.

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  2. .8

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  3. on a test midterm exam each multiple choice question provides five possible answers. what is the probability of randomly guessing three consecutive questions correctly?

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  4. .324

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  5. .24576

    You're welcome

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  6. 0.24576

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  7. answer 0.24576

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  8. p(x=4)=0.24576

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  9. p(x=4) = binompdf(6, 1/5, 4) = 0.2458

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