Physics check

I just want somebody to check my answer on this problem please :-)

There is a box which weighs 1000 kg. There is an applied force acting upon it with a force of 20000 N (horizontally). The mu is 1.2. What is the acceleration (again, horizontally) of the object?

I got 8.24 m/s^2. Please check if this is right! If I didn't, I'll show you all the steps I took. Thank you!

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  1. If mu = 1.2, the friction force opposing motion is M g mu = 1000*9.8*1.2 = 11,760 N
    The net force pulling the box is
    F = 20,000 - 11,760 = 8240 N
    and the acceleration is
    a = F/m = 8.24 m/s^2.

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