5yd 1ft 4in - 2yd 2ft 8in

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asked by M.P.L
  1. Do the subtraction like a normal (numerical subtraction) with borrowing. The only difference is when you borrow, you don't always get 10 from the next digit, but the appropriate number from the next unit.

    For example,
    4yd 2ft 4in - 3yd 1ft 9in

    Put them one on top of the other if you wish:
    4yd 2ft 4in
    3yd 1ft 9in

    4in - 9in , we need to borrow to get 1ft+4in=16in
    so 16in - 9in = 7in.

    4yd 2ft 4in
    3yd 1ft 9in
    ?yd ?ft 7in

    Now 2ft on top becomes 1ft (after borrow), so 1ft-1ft =0ft

    4yd 2ft 4in
    3yd 1ft 9in
    ?yd 0ft 7in

    Finally, 4yd - 3yd = 1 yd

    4yd 2ft 4in
    3yd 1ft 9in
    1yd 0ft 7in

    Proceed this way for your problem, and post for answer check if you wish.

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    posted by MathMate

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