The following data were collected at the endpoint of a titration performed to find the molarity of an HCl solution:
Volume of acid (HCl) used = 14.4 mL; Volume of base (NaOH) used = 22.4 mL;
Molarity of standard base (NaOH) = 0.200 M;
What is the molarity of the acid solution?

A. 1.6 M
B. 0.64 M
C. 0.31M
D. 0.13 M

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  1. In 1:1 reactions as one has in HCl and NaOH, the simplest formula to use is
    M x mL = M x mL.

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  2. C.0.31M

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  3. The answer is C.0.13

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