math 12

From 85 Records at D.S. Collegiate, the following data was collected: 12 studied Sociology, Economics and Accounting, 27 studied sociology and accounting, 20 studied economics and accounting, 21 studied economics and sociology, 36 studied sociology, 36 studied economics and 58 studied accounting
a) Draw a Venn Diagram to represent the situation
b) How many student records were examined?
c) How many students studied Sociology but neither the business subjects?

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asked by kitkat
  1. Draw your 3 overlapping circles.

    Place 12 in the intersection of all three.
    Now look at the sociology and accounting overlap, 12 are already included leaving you with 27-12 or 15 to go in the part showing only sociology and accounting overlap.
    Continue in this fashion ...

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    posted by Reiny
  2. Ok I did that but when I finished, I got a answer that no one took Sociology alone and 74 students records were examined. Can you please check this?

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    posted by kitkat
  3. correct

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    posted by Reiny

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