6th grade

rectangular prism: height 7 feet, width 4 feet and length 3 feet

Find the volume

Cylinder: radius 3.5 feet and height 7 feet

Find the volume

Van cargo space measures 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide by 13 feet deep.

find the volume

instruments will take up about 37 cubic feet

Based on the volume measurements, will the objects fit in the van? prove your answer

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  1. Prism V = h * w * l

    V = 7 * 4 * 3 = ?

    Cylinder V = π r^2 h

    Van V = (8 * 5 * 13) -37 = ?

    You can do the calculations.

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  2. this is wrong

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  3. 84 ft for rectangular prism

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