Please someone have mercy this is a test grade and I have no idea what to do !
A force of 200 N is being exerted on a blocki, which has a mass of 10 kg and is on 30 degrees inclined plane. The force is acting up the plane and parallel to it. The coefficient of friction between the block and the plane is .3 and the plane is 12 m long.
a. What is the weight of the block
b. What is the parallel force acting on the block down the incline?
c. What is the normal force acting on the block?
d. What is the frictional force acting on the block?
e. What is the net force acting on the block?
f. What is the acceleration of the block?
g. If the block starts in the middle of the plane, what is its speed at the end of the incline?

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asked by Tyler

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  2. Thank you Bob, but even after reading the article, I still don't understand how to obtain the parallel force acting on the block (question b). Can you expand perhaps?

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    posted by Tyler
  3. Parallel force=mgsina

    9.8 is your gravitational constant

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  4. yyu

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    posted by yuy

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