You are using glass tiles to make a picture frame for a square photograph with sides 10 inches long. You want the frame to form a uniform border around the photograph. You have enough tiles to cover 300 square inches. What is the largest possible frame width x.

a. 3.6 inches <-- i think that's right
b. 5 inches
c. 7.3 inches
d. 15 inches

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  1. Are the tiles to be used for the border?
    let the width of the border be x
    so the whole frame = (10+2x)(10+2x)
    so area of border = (10+2x)(10+2x) - 100

    but (10+2x)(10+2x) - 100 = 300
    (10+2x)^2 = 400
    10+2x = 20
    2x = 10
    x = 5

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