Crossword (Spanish)

Few questions i did not get...
1. Cual es la _______ de medicina que tomas? 5 letters
2.El medico va a _________ la garganta. 8 letters
3. Voy a la farmacia porque necesito comprar ______. 8 letters
4. Tengo la _____; voy a guardar cama. 5 letters
5. Yo tengo la gripe. El es __ que tengo escalofrios. 7 letters
6. La medica me examina y me da la _____.9 letters
7. No tengo _______. Siempre estoy muy cansada.

I can translate most of it, but need the vocab. If you could just answer a few... Thanks

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Were you given a list of words to use? Often it has to do with the vocabulary presented in a certain chapter of your textbook. Since I know neither your text nor the chapter, here are some choices that might work.

    1. clase
    2. examinar
    3. medicina
    4. fiebre
    5. What is "El" referring to? Certainly not "la gripe." "la razón" but with the space, that's 8. Try "posible" but then I wouldn't use "tengo"
    6. diagnosis
    7. Since you don't say how many letters, there is no hint! "energía"


    P.S. A "few" means 3 in my book!

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  2. bueno

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