A 2.0-cm thich bar of soap is floating on a water surface so that 1.5 cm of the bar is under water. Bath oil of specific gravity 0.60 is poured into the water and floats on top of it. What is the depth of the oil layer when the top of the soap is just level with the upper surface of the oil?

Hints: You are given the soap's thickness, but not its other two dimensions, lenght and width... call them L & W

Consider, first, the soap floating in the two liquids. Draw a new diagram, create a new buoyant force equation, and solve for the unknow (soap's density)

Then, consider the soap floating in the two liquids. Draw a new diagram, create a new buoyant force equation, and solve for the unknown (oil's thickness)

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  1. I know the answer is 1.25 cm

    I just need to know how to work it out and how to start it

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