western experience

Can someone please check my answers?

1. In the early 1970s the only European nation capable of meeting its own oil production needs was

A. Great Britain B. France C. Germany D. the soviet union E. Spain

D. The soviet union

2. Which group has seen its imporance in European politics increase since the 1970s?
A. socialists and communists B. environmentalists C. Eurocommunists D. trade union parties E. feminists

A. socialists and communists

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asked by Ashley
  1. 1. is correct.

    I diasgree with your answer for # 2. Communists virtually disappeared from Europe about 20 years ago.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Oh that's right!My second thoght was E. feminists

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    posted by Ashley
  3. Wrong!

    The Green Parties have increased since the 1970s.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. I'm currently taking AP European History, and 2 is environmentalists, like Ms. Sue said.

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    posted by Nellie

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