A radio station's channel, such as 100.7 FM or 92.3 FM, is actually its frequency in megahertz (MHz), where 1 MHz =10^6 Hz}. Calculate the broadcast wavelength of the radio station 98.70 FM.

can someone please explain this question for me, i tried several times and all 3 of my answers were wrong, i don't understand how to approach this problem.
my answers i got were 30, 300 and 3*10^-7 which were all wrong.
i understand you have to use the c=f*wavelength formula though

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  1. ok.
    c = f*w
    3.00 x 10^8m/x = 98.70 x 10^6 Hz x w
    w = 3E8/98.70E6 = 3.04 meters. That's about right because I know 144-148 MHz is in the 2 meter radio band.

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