checking problem
Use FOIL to multiply:
(6x – 1)(3x – 4)
6x*3x + 6x*(-4) + (-1)*3x + (-1)*(-4) =
6x*3x = 18x^2
6x*-4 = -24x
-1*3x = -3x
-1* -4 = 4

18x^2 – 24x -3x +4 =
18x^2 – 27x + 4

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asked by John
  1. Thats right! :)

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    posted by Melissa
  2. Thankyou.

    Any insight on this next one?


    I am not sure why but i get the answer

    I was thinking the ^0 multiplies everything to 0 but the 9.

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    posted by John
  3. John,
    (anything) = 1 except 0^0 which is undefined

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    posted by Reiny
  4. Anything to the 0 power is 1. And somehow my final answer was

    xz^3 / 9^-2y^-2

    but i really could be wrong, hopefully someone else can help u with this one cause im not positive!

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    posted by Melissa
  5. 6xy/9y4x30x3y/-48x

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  6. -5(x+1)+3x+2=6x+4

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