a mixture containing only sodium chloride and potassium chloride has a mass of 4 g. when this sample is dissolved in water and excess silver nitrate is added a white solid forms. after filreation and drying the solid silver chloride has the mass of 8.5904g. calculate the mass percent of each mixture component

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asked by kelly
  1. Let x = mass NaCl
    Let y = mass KCl
    x + y = 4
    (AgCl/NaCl)x + (AgCl/KCl)y = 8.5904
    where AgCl, NaCl, and KCl are the molar masses of each.

    solve for x and y, then
    percent NaCl = (x/4)*100 and
    percent KCl = (y/4)*100

    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    posted by DrBob222

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