I'll try to explain better, and will try to include a url.

Examine the drawings in fig 11. What types of particles are modelled in each drawing?

A) There are three individual cubes in that figure, they are all the same colour which is red. By individual I mean that they are not attached.

Here is a sight that kind of has the same looking picture as the one in my book.

I can't post the url on here, but I can tell you what to do. Go on to google, and write in the search box, three red cubes, then click on the sixth picture first row.

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  1. I assume that it is an element.

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  2. Looking at the three diagrams in the context of the chapter they are in, here is my best guess:

    A) Three disconnected blocks:

    B) Sets of blocks connected to each other:

    C) A Rubik's cube structure:

    I agree. This is a confusing question. The color coding makes you think that they are referring to specific atoms or molecules.

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