Need to learn how to . . .

I need to learn how to do the following problems. Don't give me the answer but give me the steps leading to the answer then I will respond back with the answer.

say if you had a problem that said: tickets to a game were sold for $2 for each adult and 0.75 for each child. A total of 350 people paid $450 to see the game. How many sdult tickets were sold?

A drama team budgeted $120 for the purchase of new masks. Ugly mask cost $11 each and pretty mask cost $23 each. They purchased six mask and spent $114. How many of each type of mask did they purchase?

These are assortment problems..
1) you know the total number of items
2) you know the total price.

1) Adult + Kid = 350
2) Adult*2 + Kid*.75=450
Two equations, two unknowns. Recommend solve by substution.

1) Ugliessss + Pretty=6
2) Ugly*11 + Pretty*23=114

not to sound like I am mooching the answer I still don't get it. Are you saying for the first do A+K=350,then 2A+.75K=450.

not to sound like I am mooching the answer I still don't get it. Are you saying for the first do A+K=350,then 2A+.75K=450.

Never mind I got it thanks anyway

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