On a brisk walk, a person burns about 325 Cal/h. A pound of body fat stores an amount of chemical energy equivalent to 3500 Cal. If the brisk walk were done at 2.1 mi/h, how far would the student have to walk to burn off the pound of body fat?

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  1. 3500 Calories x (1 hr/325 Cal) = 10.77 hrs.

    distance = rate x time.
    Substitute and solve for distance.
    My personal opinion, and I have tried to tell my friends this, walking is NOT the way to lose weight. We walk (and I walk two miles/day) to keep the joints moving, keep limber, build heart muscle, and many other reasons but I DON'T walk to lose weight. You can figure it out but my walking gets about 1/3 lb in a week (more or less).

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