I had to rewrite sentences so that there were no longer fragments are they correct?
1. The idea of a credit card first appeared in 1887, according to Lawrence M. Ausbel, author of “Credit Cards,” in the McGraw- Hill Encyclopedia of Economics.
2. Originally an imaginary concept in a futurist novel by Edward Bellamy, the card allowed characters to charge against future earnings.
3. Around the turn of the twentieth century some American stores issued paper or metal “shoppers’ plates”, although they were only used by retailers to identify their credit customers.
4. The first real credit card was issued in 1947 by a New York bank and was a success, despite the fact that customers could charge purchases only in a two- block area in Brooklyn.
5. Travel and entertainment cards soon appeared that allowed customers to charge items and services across the country, for example, the American Express card in 1958 and carte Blanche in 1959.

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  1. The all look good!!

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  2. They are all correct.

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