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Write the equation of a perpendicular bisector of the segment joining the points: (7,2) and (3,0).

Okay, so I don't even know what a bisector is. Is there a formula for this or something? If some could someone tell me it. Or tell me the process.

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  1. perpendicular bisector is a line that is perpendicular to a line segment (or line joining two points) and passes through the mid-point of the line segment.

    For the given points A(7,2) and B(3,0),
    the mid point D is given by:
    D((7+3)/2, (2+0)/2)

    The slope of line segment AB is
    The slope of the perpendicular bisector
    = -1/m = -(1/2)
    Line passing through D and perpendicular to segment AB is
    Simplify and verify.

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  2. Wait wouldn't that last part be y-1=1/2(x-5)

    because five is the midpoint of the x's

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  3. You're right!
    Thanks for pointing it out.

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