My daughter wants to know what is a life span of a clown fish?

We've been researching but could not find the answer. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.


According to this website, the life expectancy of a clown fish in a home aquarium is over 10 years. Note, though, that this is a high maintenance fish and needs a well-maintained salt water habitat.

I've got a clown fish in my 55 gallon home aquarium. In '93, I moved to a new house and so he, as well as my other fish were transported during the move. Over the past 3 years, during this time, the only fish I had in the aquarium was my clown fish and a damsal. Last August, my damsal fish died. I had not changed the water or anything for at least 1 1/2 years. I just would add water as it needed. After the death of my damsal, I did a 50% water change. Every 6 months or so, I wipe the algae off the glass. I run my light from 3pm-10pm. It's amazing. My clown fish is almost 15 years old! It seems to have vision problems but that's about it. He eats well, I only feed it once a day. Almost 14 years! WOW.

well arent they awsome. i love clown fish.

Ok my clown is 27 my friends and I have had them since the were frys AKA babies and there still living and I think 27 is the life span !!!!!!!

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