I am going to a school for gifted kids on September and I am very excited! However, they gave me like 5 packets of hard homework that are very time consuming. On top of that, I have to read countless books, write book reports about them, and then choose 1 book and write like a two page essay about a theme that it shows. However, every summer I go to a very beneficial summer program for gifted kids, but that took away 1 month of time for me to do homework. Now I have all this homework to complete in about 1 month! Can anybody give me any tips? And also, this year I want to be once again at the top of my class, but the competition is going to be tough. Any tips on studying? Thank you! :) Also, I would like to thank Ms. Sue for her numerous answers!

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asked by candy
  1. ps I haven't had the chance to get any of the books so far :(

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    posted by candy
  2. Study skills:

    As to the rest ... get OFF the computer and start reading. It won't get done while you're online.

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  3. thanks writeateacher!

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    posted by candy

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