hi,..!! i hope u can answer it,..

the following data are gathered prior to the preparation of the year end adjusting journal entries of IEMELIF enterprises:

nature: last payment date:
TAXES december 15, 20-7
ELECTRICITY december 22, 20-7
WATER december 10, 20-7
WAGES december 27, 20-7

period covered
by the payment: amount paid:
OCTOBER 26 TO NOV.25 P1,890
6 DAYS, UNTIL DEC27 P76,590

accrued wages is for three days, dec.28,29 and 31

a.)based on the given information, estimate the accrued expenses as of december 31 20-7
b.)prepare the needed adjusting journal entries as of dec. 31, 20-7

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asked by jhona
  1. See if any of the following tutorials will help:


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