the teacher said i got it wrong when i got -1/7 he got -9 if that is please explain.

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asked by melissa
  1. you add 5 to the right side.
    so you have 2/x=1/x+7

    the answer is x=1/7.
    i think your teacher's wrong.

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  2. It looks like some parenthesis would help clear this up.
    2/(x-5) = 1/(x+2)
    cross multiply...
    2*(x+2) = x-5
    = 2x + 4 = x - 5
    subtract 4 from both sides
    2x = x - 9
    subtract x from both sides
    x = -9
    check by substituting -9 back into the original equation.
    2/(-9 - 5) = 1/(-9 + 2
    2/-14 = 1/-7

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