this isn't anything to do with home work. (Thank God I'm done with homeschooling)But I have a question to do with internet connection.
I just got a new phone yesterday, and it needs connection to the wireless internet at my house so i can use internet on there. But it asks for my internet password for my wifi connection. But I don't know where I can find that password.
I called my internet service but they don't help. Someone said to look behind the router and the number is there, but it's not.

Does anyone know where or how I can fidn this number.

THanks a LOT!

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  1. When my son-in-law set up my modem and router, he also put a password on it. I know what that password is, so I imagine either your father or mother knows what the password is for your house's wi-fi. Ask one of them.

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  2. Someone else made it for us, and it's a long code with numbers and letters.

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  3. You'll have to contact whoever made it then.

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  4. But,i don't fount it

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