a tugboat is 36km due north of lighthouse C. Lighthouse B is directly east of lighthouse C. The lighthouses are 53km apart. Find the bearing og lighthouse B from the tugboat and the distance of lighthouse B from the tugboat.

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  1. I see a straightforward right-angled triangle TCB
    where C is 90°, CT=36 and CB = 53

    using the tangent ratios angle T = 55.8°

    I will leave it up to you to find the angle using whatever format your course or text book uses.
    I would call it a bearing of 124.2°

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  2. idk ayy soz not soz bro

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  3. 124 degrees

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  4. @Tony
    how did you get the answer of the bearing which is 124 deg. ?

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  5. @ Reiny rather

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