10th grade

perimeter of a regular pentagon with side measurements of 57 centimeters

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asked by bran
  1. Doesn't a regular pentagon have 5 equal sides?
    And isn't one of those equal sides equal 57 cm?
    And isn't 'perimeter' all the way around?

    Ahh, the quandary

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    posted by Reiny
  2. Bran...
    Perimeter=all sides added up.
    Pentagon=5 sided
    Each Side=57 cm


    285 Centimeters

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    posted by Anonymous
  3. Find the perimeter of a regular pentagon with a side measure of 57 centimeters.
    A. 285 cm B. 649 cm
    C. 228 cm D. 342 cm

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    posted by mo
  4. 285 cm

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    posted by Bo

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