Explain the difference between solving a system of equations by the algebraic method and the graphical method. Someone also wants to know why there are different methods for solving the same problem-what would you tell him?

Tiffany Oakes

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  1. If you were going to solve 2 linear equations graphically, you would graph each equation, and the point where they intersect would be the solution.
    One advantage is that you can see what
    the curves look like. One disadvantage
    is that graphing is not as accurate as
    an algebraic solution. When graphing,
    a point might fall between lines and
    you will have to estimate thelocation.

    Elimanation and substitution are the
    two methods normally used for solving
    a system of 2 equations. One method is
    not always better than the other,It
    depends on the user and the complexity
    of rhe equations. I decide which me-
    thod to use after inspecting the
    equations. So you should know how to
    use both methods.

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  2. can someone pls show me how to work this
    1) x+y=0
    2) 2x-5y=1
    3) 1/3x-4=6
    can someone show me how to work these please asap today thanks

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