A force vector F of magnitude 12N is applied to a FedEx box of mass m2=1kg. The force is directed up a plane tilted by theta=37 degrees. The box is connected by a cord to a UPS box of mass m1=3kg on the floor. The floor, plane, and pulley are frictionless, and the masses of the pulley and cord are negligible. What is the tension in the cord?

Note: the FedEx box is position on the 37 degree ramp and the UPS box is level on the ground. 12N is parallel to m2 and is pulling at the end of it.
___m1___(pulley)/ ramp at 37 degrees

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  1. The picture I get from your description is of mass m1 stationary on the ground while m2 gsts pushed up the ramp. This would create slack in the cord that connects the masses, passing over a pulley, and the tension would be zero.

    This is probably not the picture you have in mind.

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  2. It's too hard. You should give up now

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  3. Agree with Charlie, but try finding the net force and use Newton's 2nd law maybe.

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