Phosphorus cycle

Explain how the phosphorus cycle differs from the carbon cycle.

The phosphorus cycle differs from the carbon cycle by the phosphorus being an essential element in molecules which carries energy to plant and animal cells. The phosphorus helps plants with root development, stem strength, and seed production. The carbon cycle plays an important role in the lives of organisms. All living things contain billions of carbon atoms in cells. Carbon is an essential component in the chemical reactions. These chemical reactions sustain life like cellular respiration.

How does this sound? Correct or incorrect?

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  1. may u look at my other questions i really need help

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  2. Gee, I have never been listed as a subject before. Except perhaps by the CIA.

    You have written several true statements but they do not address the question about the difference between carbon and phosphorus cycles.

    One of the main differences is the speed of the cycle. Carbon is cycled back and forth from biotic to abiotic by combustion, photosynthesis, decay and animal digestion.

    Phosphorus moves slowly from mineral deposits on land and in sediments, to living organisms, and then much more slowly back into the soil and water sediment. The phosphorus cycle is the slowest one of the matter cycles

    The previous paragraph was adopted from:

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  3. thanks.

    is this a difference as well{The phosphorus is an important nutrient for plants and animals and is most commonly in the forms of ions. Unlike other bio geo chemical cycles the phosphorus cycle does not contain a gases state.}

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  4. Yes; those are important differences. Nice work!

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  5. the nitrogen cycle

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  6. dsfdhshd

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