U.S. presidential election

There's 1 more question that I'd like to know relating to elections.
What if Al Gore won the 2000 election instead of George W. Bush? Do you think the United States would have been a different country until 2009?

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asked by AL 92
  1. It would have been a different country.

    Depending upon your views of both Bush and Gore, you may think the country would have been better or worse off.

    What do you think? Why?

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. When George W. Bush was president, a lot of bad things occured during his time like 9/11, the aftermath of Katrina, and the Iraq War. If Al Gore was President, could the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks been prevented?

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    posted by AL 92
  3. I seriously doubt it.

    Would Gore have handled Katrina better? I don't know.

    Would Gore have attacked Iraq? I hope not -- but who knows?

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Then why would Bush let the attacks occur?

    Meanwhile, there was a good thing out of that day. If you remember Flight 93, some of the passengers tried to take control of the plane that was hijacked and was headed for D.C., but they crashed in Pennsylvania. I will always be impressed by their courage.

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    posted by AL 92
  5. Bush did not LET the attacks occur. This was a conspiracy that had been planned for a long time and the U.S. didn't have the mechanisms to stop it then. If an enemy is determined enough, it can attack us.

    I agree that the passengers of Flight 93 are real heroes.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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