world civilization

why were river valleys vital to the development of civilization

why were river valleys vital to the development of civilization

It is diffiult to farm on the hilltops or sides of hills. Valley are where the water is, the soil is, and the moderate temperatures.

One additional feature of river valleys is that they provide means for travel and, therefore, interaction and trade with other settlements. To be sure, the ability to farm the land with ample water and fertile soil was the most important.


1)Explain the mutual obligatoins of the feudal system?

2)explain why the feudal system often resulted in complicated alliances?

3)describ feudal social classes?

4)explain the mutual obligations between lords and serfs under the manor system?

5) explain why that serfs rarely had to leave their manor?

6) explain why the serfs accepted their economic hardships?

How were the kings in England different than the kings in France in the 1200's?

explain why the serfs accepted their econonmic harships.

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  1. I am having the same exact questions:]]

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