Briefly explain what is meant by objective and judgmental performance evaluation. Discuss two methods of judgmental evaluation.

5. (TCO 8) Briefly describe the purposes of job analysis and the two documents that often result from it.

6. (TCO 9) List the advantages and disadvantages of written communication.

7. (TCO 10) What are knowledge workers? Describe an organizational task that a knowledge worker might perform.

8. (TCO 10) Define the term budget, and briefly describe the purposes that budgets serve. What are the three general classes of budgets?

Each of the essays below is worth 25 points

1. (TCO 2) Organizations have both an internal and an external environment. Define the external environment, and list and very briefly discuss its two parts.

2. (TCO 2) Who is responsible for corporate governance? How does it affect the internal business environment?

3. (TCO 4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a diverse workforce?

4. (TCO 10) List the three types of operations control. Use a department store such as J. C. Penney’s to give an example of each type of operations control.

5. (TCO 10) “An Academy Award for Best Picture is an example of an award that is given for quality.”
6. Choose four of the dimensions of quality that are identified in the textbook and describe how each of them are relevant to this statement.

Each of the essays below is worth 30 points

1. (TCO 5) Define and describe in detail the impact of intuition and escalation of commitment in terms of decision-making. Please use at least one example.

2. (TCO 5) Create a set of organizational goals for a hypothetical company that includes at least one goal from each level within the organization as described in the text. Explain how your lower-level goals contribute to attainment of higher-level goals.

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