CJS230- Corrections

Final Project: A World Apart
Germany and America

· Resources: Appendix A and Corrections: The Fundamentals

· Select a country outside of the United States and research its correctional system.

· Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in APA format comparing the American correctional system with that of a foreign country.

o Compare the correctional system of the foreign country(Germany) you chose with the American correctional system in terms of the following:

· Type of system and institutions

· Management

· Population and privatization

· Security levels, if applicable

· Prison life

· Viewpoint on rehabilitation and programs, if any

· One type of parole system

· View on probation and community corrections

· An important reformation-type amendment that significantly changed the rights of the prisoners, similar to the Eighth Amendment or Section 1983 reform

o Discuss your opinion of the foreign country’s correctional system as compared to that of the United States.

· Decide the more effective correctional system, the foreign country’s system or the United States’ system.

· Explain your rationale.

· Explain your thoughts on whether any aspects of the United States’ correctional system should be adopted or perhaps changed to reflect aspects of the foreign country’s correctional system.

· Cite at least three outside references to support your research and rationale.

I am writing this paper on Germany and America, but not finding too much about Germany at all. I found someones posting on here with the same question, and checked out the websites offered, but they don't really give the kind of info I am needing...Help! This thing is due in a couple days and I am stressing out...any help given would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

asked by Shawn
  1. Please ask your instructor to guide you with this complex project.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. You may find useful information here.


    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. I looked over the website you provided, and it gives some of what I am looking for, but still not all. My instructor has not provided me anything else to go on so Im kind of on my own here. Thank you for the website link though. Any other help would greatly be appreciated.

    posted by Shawn

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