Science- 8th grade

What type of sand/rock is Malibu Beach made of and where did that sand originate??

I've been searching this for a while, but the only results I've gotten were for Beach Hotels.

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asked by Ceci
  1. Read this link very carefully and look on a map for the location of Malibu Beach while I'm looking for more:


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  2. Read this about the Geology:

    Here where the Santa Monica Mountains meet
    the Pacific Ocean, the coastline varies from
    rocky bluffs to smooth sandy beaches.
    Coastal development has interrupted natural
    erosional and depositional cycles, as has the
    construction of debris basins to prevent
    landslides in the mountains. Therefore, sand
    deposited on the beaches by the sea and
    mountains is often supplemented by exotic,
    trucked-in sand that originates in such urbanized
    formations as the San Fernando Valley.

    So the sand there may not be the original sand. What about contacting:
    LA County Dept Beaches & Harbors @


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  3. There are State beaches and Public Beaches, so which beach in particular do you refer to? At any rate, here is an article about Malibu Beach losing sand:


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  4. This may be your best bet. Look at the links that talk about the sand:


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  5. Thank you SO much! This helped a lot!! Thank you!!!

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    posted by Ceci
  6. its rocky

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    posted by waverly
  7. help me whit unscaunble words

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