WHAT DO CANADA AND FRANCE IMPORT AND EXPORT WITH EACHOTHER? Please give me lot's of helpful answers or helpful sites. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wine and wheat are the ones I found from the internet. It only takes a few seconds to search up~ What does Canada import from France?, etc.

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  2. P.S~ you don't have to use CAP letters. Your school subject should only be Social Studies.

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  3. Here you may pick and choose the links you would like to see:


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  4. Wow, you couldn't Google this?

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    posted by wow
  5. Trade between the two countries is relatively modest when compared to trade with their immediate continental neighbours, but still significant. France is Canada's seventh largest trading partner overall, and the third largest in Europe. Annual bilateral trade between the two countries exceeds C$7 billion.

    Additionally, Canada and France are important to each other as entry points to their respective continental free markets (North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the European Union).

    While Canada and France often find themselves on the opposite sides of such trade disputes as agricultural free trade and the sale of genetically modified food, they co-operate closely on such issues as the insulation of cultural industries from free trade agreements (something both countries are strongly in favour of).

    In 2006 France was the seventh ranked destination of Canadian exports (0.7%), and ninth ranked source of imports to Canada (1.3%)

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    posted by Liz

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