Is there a website or something to download for free to get your papers formatted in apa format instantly?

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  1. If you're using MS Word, try one of these templates:

    These are also helpful:

    (Broken Link Removed)

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  2. Since this is an Axia class, if you go to the library click on it, then go to APA format. From there you should get all questions answered. Always go to the library site for APA guidelines. Also there you can generate your references there. Your library is your friend.

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    posted by Lauri
  3. If you are an Axia student, there is a tool that plugs into Word that formats your papers according to APA standards. It is free and called Riverpoint Writer and is located under the APA information under the Tutorials and Guides in the CWE. I would also recommend utilizing the writing and avoiding plagiarism labs that can also be found under the library tab.

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  4. I have also downloaded the RiverPoint Writer and it is a very useful tool, it will help you format papers in APA standards.

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    posted by Alex

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