System recovery: can't finish my homework !!!!

I've been waiting for over 13 hours for the computer to finish restoring the registry ( also files). I think the computer is infected. It's a laptop, windows vista home premium. Also could a just shut down the laptop ? If a do will the restoring process start all over or will I be able to log on and undo the restore. I went on microsoft, but I'm pretty sure it didn't address this problem. Please help!!!! Also could someone post a website where they found it? Thanks!!

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  1. There is also one game downloaded on the laptop.

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  2. You might be in deep dung and lost a lot. 13 hours means it locked up. To turn off the laptop, if it is frozen, hold down the power button for about 5-10 seconds.
    It is not recommended usually, but after 13 hrs, you kind of have no choice.

    You have a few options from there. It's hard to say what to do without the computer in front of me, but I would try restoring again since you already started. If it happens one more time, you might need to take it somewhere.

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  3. I think Matt is right. Sounds bad.

    I went through this in late March, and my son-in-law and I tried everything we knew, including using the recovery disk (which didn't work). I even tried to get to the C:\ prompt to run the Fdisk command, but I couldn't even do that.

    Do you have a recovery disk? (I don't mean using the restore function already in Windows.) If so, the information in here may help -- no guarantees, though!

    (I ended up getting a new laptop, with all the joys and frustrations involved -- including favorite programs and one printer that are incompatible with Windows 7.)

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  4. Thanks

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  5. You're welcome -- and good luck!

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