Social Studies

Why were there fewer patrons in Northern Europe than in Italy?

HELP please!
could not find answer on google.

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  1. Study this site carefully.

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  2. Thank You

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  3. You're welcome.

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  4. Due to stronger literacy in northern Italy, as well as a larger and wealthier bourgeoisie,
    Italian humanists were far more widespread and common than their counterparts across
    the Alps in the north. Northern humanists were few, and were often isolated. Apart from
    size and scale, both types of humanism differed significantly in practice and in theory—
    but that is not to say they did not have great similarities, they both shared a strong
    Classical background. Italian humanism was largely secular with a focus on humanity
    that tended to exclude the larger religious realities of the era, while northern humanism
    tended to incorporate broader themes of Christianity and religion

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