Can you help me check these sentences, please? Thank you very much in advance.

1) The new factor in the Canterbury Tales is that there is individualization (?) . THe character exists because he has reactions and is in movement.
2) His individualization (?) is therefore dynamic in antithesis with the conventional medieval character portrait which was rather static.
3) Chaucer mixes male and female characters to underline the importance women were achieving (acquiring, earning is the past continuous correct?) within the middle class.
4) He describes a society in which work conditioned the personality and the individual' view ofthe world.
5) Neither the aristocracy nor the lower classes are present (are included) in Chaucer's portrait of English society.
6) The pilgrims tell us something about themselves and their life style.
7) Each pilgrim is supposed to tell two tales on his way to Canterbury and two on his way back from Canterbury.
8) A prize will be awarded (given?) to the best story and a penalty to anyone who will give up.
9) Can you say "the best story will be awarded ?
10) The pilgrimage represents the route (way?) to the holy celestial city of Jerusalem.
11) The decription of the pilgrims is different in length (or differs, varies in length?)
12) There will be a penalty for those/anyone who give up (BUT NOT fo whom gives up?
13) Among the main themes covered in the tales are those of marriage, love and hypocrisy (can you just say "are" marriage....?)

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  1. 3. Most of these are being answered in the present tense, except this one begins with the present (mixes) and switches to the past?

    5. Neither is singular = is

    99. yes

    11. decription = descrption (typo)

    12. anyone (singular) who gives but and then fo = for or to?

    13. yes


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