Thank you for your invaluable help.
Can you please consider these sentences, too?
1) As for her behaviour, she cried when she saw a mouse caught in a trap.
2) He makes a potrait of English society but he does not portray the aristocracy and the peasants.
3) The peasants are not present in the tales/are excluded from the description /are not described since they could not have afforded the cost of such a journey.
4) He suspends judgement on each pilgrim (he leaves the character's judgement to his readers?), so that the reader can decide by himself if he or she is praiseworthy or not.
5) The journey starts at the Tabard Inn which represents a place of worldy pleasures and ends at Canterbury, which represents the end of life, the celestial city.
6)The plants' life source (or the life source of plants) have such a powerful liquid that makes the flowers sprout.
7) He doesn't follow the social hierarchy of presentation of the time.
8) He also mixes sexes to underline the important position (role?) women were earning (? were acquiring but not had earned) withing the middle class.
9)A nun wasn't expected to show anything off, not even her forehead.
She wasn't exactly as a nun should be (should have been?)
10)Among the most recurrent (?) themes are those of marriage, love and corruption.
11) Through the allegory of the journay he wants to point out that we are all pilgrims directed to heaven.
12) As a way of passing the time, each pilgrim has to tell two stories on his way to Canterbury.
13) In the opening of the General Prologue Chaucer describes (and not talks about) spring and its regenerative power.April brings rain and the rebirth of nature.

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  1. 2. potrait = portrait (typo)
    4. re spelling of judgment/judgement
    "Judgment is the preferred form in AmE and seems to be preferred in British legal texts, even as far back as the 19th century. Judgement is prevalent in British nonlegal texts, and was thought by Fowler to be the better form; Glanville Williams states that, in BrE 'judgement should really be the preferred spelling.' Learning the Law 153 (11th ed. 1982).
    6. has (subject source is singular)
    11. journay = journey (typo)
    13. punctuation = comma after Prlogue and 2 spaces after power. April


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