chem can u check answer please

what is the hydrogen ion concentration of an aqueous solution with a pOH of 9.262?
I got 5.47X 10 ^-10
is this correct?
Thanks Andy

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  1. Yes, that is correct.

    [H+] = antilog(9.262)
    = 10^(-9.262)
    = 5.47x10^-10

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  2. I'm not ure that that is right...
    [H+] = -log(pH)
    however, we are given a pOH, not a pH.

    pH + pOH = 14
    pH = 14 - pOH
    so 14 - 9.262 = pH
    pH = 4.738

    [H+} = 10^-ph = 10^-4.738
    [H+] = 1.8281 x 10^-5 M

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