can you help me with my 3-d top map construction project of a pear island.
I would like you to explain to me step by step on how to do it and make steps explanatory for me.The materials Iwas asked to use was a foam board, string, markers, crayons scissors, a construction paper.

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  1. A "pear island?" Is your map supposed to represent Prickly Pear Island in the West Indies?

    To make a 3-dimensional topographic map, you'll need to show depth -- perhaps with the construction paper. If it's only a topo map, then the string can be used to show the contours.

    Is this the kind of topo map you have in mind?

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  2. It is somehow like this but does bnot have so much contours. It is like a two different island linked together by a river by the sides, one river on the top map beside and the other bottom beside. I don't understand what I said you can tell me. It is a project that i have to use two foa boards, one green, one blue. one represents the river and the other island and i have to cut out the shape of the map that I was given on the green foam board, stack it together and paste it on the blue one. the only thing i don't know how to do is to buil a hamlet. Can you help me pls.

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  3. The easiest way to make a hamlet is to fold brown or grey construction paper into little boxes to resemble small houses. Houses from a Monopoly game would also work. You could draw the streets with s marker.

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  4. Thanks, I appreciate your help, If I have another question or problem I will tell you.

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  5. You're very welcome. Good luck with your project.

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