Thank you for your corrections.Can you check the very last sentences of the day, please?
1) The sound of the music coming from the street organ triggers Eveline’s flashback to the night of her mother’s death.
2) On her mother’s deathbed Eveline promised she would keep the home together as long as she could. She describes her mother’s life as pitiful.
3) After remembering her mother’s death she feels frightened and the need to escape.
4) She does not want to lead a life of self-sacrifice and end up dying a madwoEventually she decides to stay in Dublin.
5) She first says “no” at line 101. Frank seizes her hand and says “Come!” for the first time.
6) She feels that he will drown her, her vision of escape becomes a vision of death by drowning. She is described as passive, like a helpless aninmal.
7) The predominant narrator is third-person non –omniscient but the point of view shifts from the external narration to inside Eveline’s mind.
8) By shifting time perspectives Joyce wants to reflect the inner workings of Eveline’s mind adding depth to the narrative without writing lengthy explanations and descriptions.
man, like her mother.

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asked by Franco
  1. 4) madwoEventually
    I think you mean "mad woman. Eventually . . ."

    The rest is fine -- especially if you added the appropriate commas.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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