A scaffold of mass 60 kg and length 5.0 m is supported in a horizontal position by a vertical cable at each end.A painter of mass 80 kg stands at a point 1.5 m from one end.
(a)Find the tension in the cable nearer to the painter.
(b)Calculate the tension in the second cable

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  1. (a) Set the moment about the cable support point at the opposite end equal to zero. The scaffold weight force acts as if applied at the center.

    3.5*M1*g + 2.5*M2*g - T1*5 = 0

    Solve for T1, the tension on the cable nearest the painter. M1 is the painter's mass and M2 is the scaffold mass.

    2. T1 + T2 = (M1 + M2) g
    (This statement says that the net vertical force is zero).
    Solve for T2.

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